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Les meilleures activités à faire avec des enfants - BIICOU

The best activities to do with children

Who hasn't been around children before? These sensitive beings who only ask for one thing: our attention .

You have to understand them, they need to feel loved and accepted. A child is a ball of energy in full bloom and growing very quickly. This is why we must take advantage of every moment of their growth and actively participate in it.

Whether you are a parent, a babysitter, or have nieces or nephews, this article will help you spend precious moments with these little human beings.

Manual activities

They stimulate children's creativity , a very important ability for the development of their own point of view, to exercise their patience and coordination.

  • DIY : DIYs are a way for children to build something with their own hands. You can help him build his own dominoes so that you can all play on them together later. All you have to do is buy 28 small dominoes in neutral wood (or cut your own rectangles measuring 40 x 20 x 8 mm) and personalize the dominoes as you wish (with stickers, paint, etc.). )
  • Cooking workshop : This type of activity makes children responsible from a very young age. They can participate in all stages of the process: from choosing the menu , to searching for products in store at shopping time , to more or less complex preparations . You can even make their snacks to take to school. They will be proud to show off what they have to their classmates.


Cognitive stimulation and strategy activities

They allow the child to acquire skills such as memory , language and even reasoning .

  • Memory : In turn, everyone will have to turn over two cards in order to find the cards that form identical pairs . This game uses visual memory , because you have to remember the position of the cards turned over and the symbol they had in order to end up with the most family and achieve victory. For older children, we can add an hourglass in order to play on the time variable and have to find the maximum number of pairs in a minimum of time.
  • Board games : Each child has their own specificities and preferences and there are a lot of board games. So before buying a game, look and choose together which games you might like by explaining the principle and rules of the game.

Outdoor or physical activities

They are essential , because after a whole day spent sitting in a classroom, a release is necessary. And for the little ones who don't have the chance to go to school, this type of activity improves their motor skills and the strength of their bones .

  • The motor skills course : You can buy a ready-made motor skills course or create it with your own hands with your non-dangerous everyday objects (cushions, bolsters, stuffed animals, hoops, balls, threads, corses, rugs, chairs, etc.) . Under your supervision , the child will be able to overcome all obstacles step by step by crawling, throwing or jumping, until the finish line .
  • Walks : During these walks, turn off all your devices and take advantage of these peaceful moments to chat together, learn things about yourself and also about nature. Prepare nursery rhymes and songs . And take a little break to enjoy the snack you prepared together. If he/she is too small to walk, don't hesitate to take a baby carrier: you will only be closer.

Self-management activities

You can't always have a lot of time to spend with a child. And that's okay, the most important thing is to explain it to him, but also to give him something to do in the meantime. Moments of solitude are also necessary , so that he gradually learns to be independent .

  • Magic coloring pages : A real learning tool, magic coloring pages provide the benefits of coloring, allow you to understand the importance of the rules and limits to be respected to obtain a result, but also the importance of concentration . There are types of magic coloring pages suitable for all ages : From 3 years old, choose color magic coloring pages , which will allow you to visually identify which color to use. For those over 3 years old, and depending on their development, you can offer them magical coloring with letters of the alphabet or with numbers . And finally, from 5 years old, encourage magical mathematical coloring with more or less difficulty depending on age

There are so many interesting activities to do, so don't waste a minute, start today 😊

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