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Quelle poussette est autorisée en avion ? - BIICOU

Which stroller is allowed on a plane?

Does my stroller count as luggage? Does my stroller fit in the cabin?... You ask all these questions when you prepare to travel with a child. And it is important to know in advance whether or not your stroller will be accepted in the cabin, or whether the shipping costs in the hold will be the responsibility of the carrier or not. Each airline has its own rules and regulations regarding the carriage of strollers and cabin dimensions. In addition, there are certain strollers for which you will have no hassle because they can go in the cabin, you can discover them at the end of the article!

Understand that each company has its own rules

    The first step in choosing the ideal stroller is to understand your airline's specific rules. Each airline has its own policies regarding the carriage of strollers. Some airlines allow strollers in the cabin, while others require them to be checked in the hold. Some airlines allow free carriage of strollers, while others charge a fee. It is essential to check your airline's website or contact them directly for accurate information.

    What companies allow


      To travel with your stroller on different airlines, it is essential to know the specific rules of each carrier. Here are some guidelines from the most popular companies:

      American Airlines : Each ticketed passenger is allowed to check one stroller and one car seat free of charge. Strollers weighing more than 9 kg must be checked in at the counter. All other strollers will be checked in at the boarding gate. If you have both a stroller and a car seat, only one of them can be checked in when boarding. The maximum dimensions for each piece of hand luggage are 45 x 35 x 20 cm.

      For more information: American Airlines page

      Qatar Airways : The airline accepts one stroller, foldable bassinet or stroller per baby at no extra cost. The maximum dimensions for each piece of hand luggage are 50x37x25 cm.

      For more information: Qatar Airways page

      Royal Air Maroc : You can carry a stroller in the hold for your child free of charge. A stroller, the dimensions of which do not exceed 15 cm x 30 cm x 100 cm, can be accepted in the cabin subject to availability. You can also take a foldable stroller to the boarding gate. It will then be transported in the hold and you can collect it at your destination.

      For more information: Air Maroc page

      EasyJet : The company accepts various childcare items, including a stroller. Each passenger can bring one small hand baggage with maximum dimensions of 45 x 36 x 20 cm, which must be able to be placed under the seat in front of you.

      For more information: EasyJet page

      Transavia : Foldable strollers (with a maximum weight of 10 kg) can be taken to the boarding gate, where airline staff will take care of transport in the hold. However, some travel strollers are allowed as hand luggage, provided they respect the maximum dimensions of 55 x 35 x 25 cm.

      For more information: Transavia page

      Emirates Airline : In economy and premium class, the dimensions of hand baggage must not exceed 55 x 38 x 22 cm.

      For more information: Emirates page

      Air China : You can check a stroller or bassinet free of charge as long as their overall dimensions do not exceed those allowed for regular checked baggage. For an international flight, you can take up to 2 pieces of cabin baggage weighing less than 8 kg each if you are traveling in First Class or Business Class.

      For more information: Air China page

      Corsair : Transport of strollers is free until the age of 2. Stroller dimensions are not specified as long as they are a reasonable size. For Babyzen Yoyo strollers (maximum dimensions 55 x 35 x 25), they are authorized in the cabin, but they must be stored in their protective cover and will be considered as the only cabin baggage of the adult traveling with the baby.

      For more information: Corsair page

      Air France : Air France generally allows one stroller to be transported free of charge for each baby or toddler traveling. However, the rules may vary depending on your route and the type of stroller.

      • Cane strollers : Light cane strollers, whose dimensions do not exceed 55 x 35 x 25 cm, are generally accepted in the cabin. They must be foldable and stored in a carry bag when boarding. In this case, the stroller is considered your only hand luggage.
      • Larger strollers : Strollers that do not meet the dimensions of strollers will generally have to be checked in the hold. They are generally carried free of charge, in addition to your checked baggage allowance. Make sure to remove any fragile or valuable items from the stroller before checking it into the hold.

      For more information : AirFrance page

      As policies may change, it is recommended that you check the website of the airline you wish to travel with or contact them directly for the most up-to-date rules specific to your flight.

      The perfect strollers for the plane

        • Lara² by Maxi Cosi or Bébé Confort

        Lara Maxi Cosi

        Practical and aesthetic choice for air travel. With its lightness, ease of folding and attractive design, it offers parents a user-friendly option to move with their child with ease when traveling.

          ⇒ Folded dimensions: 50 x 26 x 52.5 cm

          ⇒ Weight: 6.3kg

          ⇒ Age: From birth and up to 22 kg

          Find the reconditioned Lara² here

          • Teeny from Bébé Confort

          Teeny from Bébé Confort

          The Metro Teeny stroller is one of the lightest options for travel. It is also very compact when folded, making it easy to store in tight spaces on airplanes. It is certified "Healthy for the back" by the AGR of Germany, which guarantees ergonomic support and optimal comfort. It is equipped with a very comfortable and well-padded hammock to ensure the well-being of the child during the trip.

            ⇒ Folded dimensions: 54 x 44 x 25 cm

            ⇒ Weight: 6.3kg

            ⇒ Age: 6 months up to 18 kg

            Find the similar stroller " Bébé Confort - Teeny 3D cane stroller " with folded cabin dimensions: 55 x 30 x 22 cm

            • Pockit Air from GB

            Pockit Air from GB

            The GB Pockit Air stroller is a great choice for air travel, especially for parents looking for an ultra-compact and lightweight option. Its ventilated mesh seat and easy storage make it a practical solution for families on the go.

              ⇒ Folded dimensions: 30 x 18 x 35 cm

              ⇒ Weight: 4.6kg

              ⇒ Age: 6 months up to 22 kg

              Find the similar stroller " GB - Pockit+ All Terrain " with folded cabin dimensions: 34 x 20 x 42 cm

              • Orla de Nania

              Orla de Nania

              The Orla stroller from Nania is an interesting choice for parents looking for a lightweight, aesthetic, and easy-to-use option. Its automatic folding and transparent caster wheels add to its air travel friendliness.

                ⇒ Folded dimensions: 26 x 40 x 76 cm

                ⇒ Weight: 5.2 kg

                ⇒ Age: From birth up to 15 kg

                Find the reconditioned Orla here

                • Yoyo² (Pack 0+ or ​​6+) from Babyzen

                Yoyo² (Pack 0+ or ​​6+) from Babyzen

                The Babyzen Yoyo² stroller offers advanced features such as a reinforced frame, higher weight capacity, optimized suspensions and an improved safety harness. This makes it a great choice for families looking for a durable and comfortable travel stroller. In addition, it is the perfect stroller with a cabin luggage size.

                  ⇒ Folded dimensions: 52 x 44 x 18 cm

                  ⇒ Weight: 6.2 kg (Pack 6+) and 6.6 (Pack 0+)

                  ⇒ Age: From birth to 22 kg

                  For more accessories for your Yoyo or its spare parts click here

                  • Butterfly by Bugaboo

                  Butterfly by Bugaboo

                  The Bugaboo Butterfly stroller is a convenient option for parents looking for a lightweight, compact and easy-to-use travel stroller. Its quick folding, reasonable weight and comfort for the child make it a suitable choice for air travel. In addition, it can be worn over the shoulder.

                    ⇒ Folded size: 23 x 45 x 54 cm

                    ⇒ Weight: 7.3 kg

                    ⇒ Age: From 6 months to 4 years

                    Ecological Responsibility

                    As we explore the practicalities of traveling with a stroller on an airplane, it's essential to emphasize the importance of environmental responsibility. Air travel has a significant impact on the environment due to greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, whenever possible, it is recommended to favor more environmentally friendly means of transport, such as the train.

                    Reducing air travel helps reduce our individual carbon footprint. Train journeys, for example, generally emit less CO2 per passenger than plane flights. As well as limiting greenhouse gas emissions, the train often offers a more relaxed and comfortable alternative, which can be particularly beneficial when traveling with young children.

                    Although each trip is unique, it is important to be aware of the impact of our transportation choices on the environment. By opting for more sustainable solutions when possible, we collectively contribute to the preservation of our planet for future generations. So, the next time you're planning a trip, take a moment to consider eco-friendly transportation alternatives and take a step closer to more sustainable travel.


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