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📦Livraison gratuite à partir de 75€ 🦃
📦Livraison gratuite à partir de 75€ 🦃

About refurbished equipment

1. How are strollers reconditioned?

When the strollers arrive in our workshop, they follow a well-established process:

Based on the photos and the description received in advance using our redemption form , our team sets up a verification checklist. We check and test the brakes, the fit of the handlebars, the wheels and their operation, the safety harness. Depending on the findings, we carry out repairs. We then separate the different parts of the stroller by gathering the fabrics for machine washing, and we use dry steam to clean the plastic parts. Once everything is dried, we move on to the reassembly and photography stage.


2. Where are the equipment reconditioned?

All childcare equipment offered is reconditioned by our team in our workshop located in Villetaneuse (93).


3. What products are used to clean strollers?

All our products are harmless both for children and the environment. And we use dry steam to clean products to reduce our water consumption.


4. What are the advantages of purchasing refurbished equipment?

The advantages of purchasing reconditioned equipment are multiple:

  • the savings made: reconditioned items are less expensive than new products due to their age, their overall condition, the work carried out on the product compared to new products, etc.
  • products verified and appraised and therefore safe during use: compared to second-hand items which are sold as is, reconditioned items are tested before being put on sale and repaired if necessary
  • a much more secure purchase: on the second-hand market where individuals often face private individuals, you have here in front of you a team of professionals subject to legal obligations
  • good for the planet: buying second hand allows you to avoid putting into service new products that already exist. Ultimately, if everyone bought second hand, manufacturers would be forced to reduce their production, because producing more would become useless. Which means less extraction of raw materials, fewer round trips of shipping containers and trucks, and therefore less energy used for transport.
  • good for health: Who says new products, says presence of fresh volatile chemicals. These chemicals, which are carcinogenic for some, diffuse into the air and contaminate it. Thus, buying second-hand products manufactured a long time ago, already ventilated and used, allows you to have a reduced concentration of VOCs.

For more information on VOCs

  • a visual condition: There are reconditioned products in perfect condition and others in less good condition, but these products will always be disinfected, cleaned which may not be the case on the second-hand market

5. Do you trace the equipment you recondition?

All our equipment (from strollers to deckchairs, including car seats) is identified upon entering our workshop by a code which is itself linked to each seller. So, in the event of an inspection, we have proof that our items have not been stolen.


6. What do you do with equipment that is too poor to be reconditioned?

Equipment in too poor condition, for example with irreparable damage, is dismantled and used as spare parts for other repairs.