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📦Livraison gratuite à partir de 75€ 🦃
📦Livraison gratuite à partir de 75€ 🦃

The project

Our objective :

  • Making our reconditioned products as safe as new products

Why go through Biicou?

  • Unlike other e-commerce solutions allowing you to acquire second-hand products for your children, at Biicou 100% of our products pass through our hands and are validated by our experts.

Why trust us ?

  • It's our job. Our process is reliable, validated by specialized organizations. We are so confident in our process that we offer you a 6-month guarantee on our entire catalog. With the possibility of returning the product within the first 30 days after receipt

How are the products repackaged?

  • Our process has been validated by several analysis laboratories.
    • Eurofins
  • It is broken down into 5 steps:
    • Dismantling of textiles
    • Washing textiles
      • Washing textiles using an eco-responsible process, meaning we only use products that have no impact on the environment
        • Use of the following products:
          • Laundry detergent with ecolabel ( info )
          • Drying with hot air
          • Steaming to kill 100% of germs
    • Dismantling of plastics
      • In order to access the nooks and crannies where the dust accumulates that you will certainly never see but which we are keen to remove
    • Cleaning plastics
      • Water cleaning with a process that consumes neither water nor detergent
        • Use of a machine with water filtration/recirculation which allows us to clean a stroller with less than 1L of water
    • Repair/Replacement of broken or excessively worn parts
      • 100% of broken parts are repaired or replaced, leaving marks or appendages symbols of the experience of our objects
        • Broken plastics are welded which avoids throwing them in the trash
        • The fabrics are sewn or we use Biicou patches
      • 100% of strollers are tested using a procedure that validates the rigidity of the structure
        • Vibration test for 10min with load test for 30min
    • Verified mechanics and ecological guarantee
      • All our products are selected to respect the environment as much as possible and we are constantly monitoring the evolution of the lubricant market and always using the most ecological products possible.
        • The best way to reduce your impact is not to produce. If a bearing is deemed good by our teams we will not replace it. If the lubrication is sufficient for the next 3 years we will not re-grease it.
        • If necessary we use MATOLUB VEGE grease, a grease made from biodegradable vegetable oil thickened with calcium soap. They have good anti-wear performance and above all they do not contain aliphatic (MOSH) or aromatic (MOAH) mineral oil.
        • In the event of a problem or a seized part, we will use a VOC-free penetrating oil, based on vegetable oil and which is certified biodegradable.