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📦Livraison gratuite à partir de 75€ 🦃
📦Livraison gratuite à partir de 75€ 🦃

Resell with Biicou

1. How to resell at Biicou?

To resell your childcare equipment at Biicou it's child's play.
Simply go to the we buy back tab on the site (or click here ) and fill out the brief form that will appear on your screen. We advise you to be as precise as possible so that our team can, for example, already estimate the proper functioning of the wheels of your stroller, the condition of your deckchair, or even the fabric on your high chair.

2. In what condition do you take back childcare items?

We take back equipment in all types of conditions, whether the stroller is in perfect condition because it has never been used, or whether your baby carrier has been worn out over time.
If in doubt, fill out the form, we will get back to you with an estimate for the recovery. Because broken strollers can always be used as spare parts to refurbish another stroller.

3. Do you take back incomplete items?

Yes, incomplete objects will find a buyer at Biicou. If you only have the chassis of your Yoyo 2 6+, there is bound to be someone who owns the gimbal!

4. What types of equipment do you take back?

Here is the non-exhaustive list of equipment that we take back:
  • strollers and accessories,
  • car seats,
  • high chairs,
  • baby carriers,
  • deckchairs,
  • travel cots,
  • bikes / balance bikes / scooters,
  • changing tables
  • musical instruments
  • sports equipment (balls, etc.)

If in doubt about returning your item, fill out the form, we will get back to you with more details.

5. How do I entrust you with my childcare items?

Once the estimate has been made and validated, you can send us your equipment by Colissimo to our workshop at 46 rue Raymond Brosse 93430, in Villetaneuse.
You can also come and drop off your items directly in our brand new store located in the Cora shopping center at 1 Avenue du Président Georges Pompidou 95120, in Ermont.
We also carry out harvests in Paris and its inner suburbs, as well as in Lille. If you live in the area, do not hesitate to send us a message to set up an appointment for a home collection.

6. At what price are my childcare equipment purchased?

The price set for the repurchase of your equipment depends on numerous parameters: its condition upon resale, the brand, the model, its age, etc. Depending on our knowledge of the market
It is only by having all these cards in hand that we will be able to make a diagnosis and estimate the purchase price of your equipment.

7. Why not take over certain brands?

In order to ensure the best possible second life for all the items that pass through our workshop, we must make choices. Indeed, the first reason why we do not buy certain brands is a technical reason. A deckchair bought new at the first price is not very durable and therefore can hardly have a second life. The second reason is the price. Indeed, for products with high added value such as strollers, which ultimately have a repair cost in France significantly higher than the manufacturing cost in China, neither the parents nor Biicou would have been winners during the exchange.

8. How and when will I be paid?

After receipt of the equipment in our workshop, and verification of the correspondence between the photos received upstream and the product, you will receive payment by transfer within 7 working days.

9. Is it possible to resell on site in the Biicou store?

If you didn't know, you can also find us in our physical Biicou store, in the Cora shopping center at 1 Avenue du Président Georges Pompidou 95120, in Ermont .
To prepare for your visit to us, you can estimate the return of your stroller, high chair, changing table or any other item, in advance, using the form .

10. Do you take back baby clothes (onesies, linen, etc.)?

Biicou does not currently take back any infant clothing.

11. What happens if Biicou notices upon receipt the missing part or an appearance different from that declared?

You will receive a counter-offer, which you can accept or refuse, linked to the new estimate that the repair team will make after complete verification.

12. Why resell?

  • That baby carrier that's lying around in your attic because your baby has grown up, that cozy that wasn't of much use to you after purchase, or that stroller that is ultimately far too large and doesn't fit in the trunk of the car all have one thing in common: that of having been manufactured, packaged and transported to reach you. These steps consume a lot of raw materials and have a huge impact on the environment. So ultimately reselling allows you to extend the life cycle of your stroller, which is a way of reducing the circulation of new products on the market and therefore ultimately overproduction.

  • Selling allows you to make another family happy in search of equipment for the birth of their baby. Your dusty stroller is very valuable to others

  • Even if you won't be able to resell your Yoyo pack 0+ at the price you bought it new for, it will still bring you more than leaving it in a corner of your home

  • You also have to remember that storing all of this takes up a lot of space, and tires your eyes.