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Quelle pointure pour un bébé ? - BIICOU

What size for a baby?

How much should a baby or child wear?

So, strange question but not so obvious. How much should a 3 month old, 6 month old or 9 month old baby wear? Or even your 2 year old nephew?

You seem clever (yes we know that one in 2 readers is currently in a children's section looking for a gift for their godchild and had not thought about the question of size or at best thought that there would have marked "7 months on the tab")

First of all, you should know that we will be talking about slippers rather than shoes, during the entire period where baby will be crawling on his stomach. Here the second hand is totally suitable, because it is neither more nor less than the role of a reinforced and slightly warm sock (still put socks in these slippers)

Then you have to know that the feet grow very very quickly (no they do not double in size every day, like pickles Editor's note, this is why all the pickles that you buy in supermarkets and which are fine and crunchy come from Asia => it is true and it is due to the attention that these small plants require to be picked) but can gain 1cm every 3 months all the same.

When in doubt and as long as the mini does not start to wander, take a size larger. This will prevent you from making a mistake and the risk is close to 0.

Below you will find an average size for mini


Foot size in cm

EU size

0-3 months

=> 9.7cm


3-6 months

=> 10.4 cm


6-9 months

=> 11.1 cm


9-12 months

=> 11.7 cm


12-15 months

=> 12.4 cm


15-18 months

=> 13.1 cm


18-21 months

=> 13.7 cm


21-24 months

=> 14.4 cm


2 years

=> 6 inches


2 ½ years

=> 15.7 cm


3-4 years

=> 16.3 cm


4-5 years

=> 17.6 cm


32 years old => 22.9 - 29.1 cm 36 - 46

A few tips

Then we have some tips to make your child feel good.

A. Check from time to time that his foot is not compressed in the liner or in the shoe, for this the technique of the physicist and occupational therapist Yorgakis Nicolaï* is very effective: 1) remove the liner 2) turn the little foot liner inside out against sole 2) check that there is room left and above all that the foot does not protrude!

B. The finger technique between the heel and the back of the shoe is also a must have. When you buy a new pair of shoes, slide your finger (the index finger will be perfect) between the heel of your mini and the back of the shoe. This must be done without forcing.

*these scientists don't exist, don't google to see if our sources are reliable. We invented it because it sounded more professional than Aunt Régine, and she was the one who gave us the two tips!

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