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📦Livraison gratuite à partir de 75€ 🦃
Les cadeaux de naissance - BIICOU

Birth gifts

If you are looking for a baby gift, go to . And if not, read on, we have plenty of ideas to differentiate you and please you differently.

It's strange, but when we think of birth, we immediately think of baby. And therefore birth gift = gift for baby.

But anyway, you will tell me, it's normal! He’s the one we’ve been waiting for for so long, right?

So yes, we agree, but at the same time this mini didn't come out of nowhere!

And yes, after birth, if baby can sleep and eat as he pleases, it is not the same, oh no no no, for the parents. Becoming a parent is more than an upheaval, it's a bit like entering a parallel world. A wonderful world, for sure, but also revealing its share of trials.

Between lack of sleep, never-ending pile of laundry, questionable hygiene, social life in “airplane mode”...It's not easy to navigate!

So if, as a birth gift idea, you were thinking of baby, of course, but also of parents. Because know this, very few young parents, especially if it is a first birth, who dare to ask for help.

At Biicou, we offer you a few little touches to avoid giving yet another cuddly toy bought in a hurry.

The kitchen

Everyone at your stove!
Nothing better than comforting yourself with a good home-cooked meal after having spent one of those disaster days, between lack of sleep and minor marital tensions.

The idea, whether you are a novice or a top chef, is to cook a good homemade dish full of love. A quiche, a soup, a chocolate cake...well, you get it, something simple and comforting, no need to spend the day there. If you are very lazy, you can even have small meals delivered from time to time.

And if there are several of you who have the same idea, don't panic, it's even better.

A quick trip to the freezer will make the pleasure last!

The Mary Poppins offer

Offer, in the form of vouchers for example (from 1 hour to a day), to watch the kids while mom and dad enjoy a walk, a good night's sleep or even “just” an evening in bed with Netflix & chill.

Little tip: share your calendar with parents so they have an idea of ​​your availability and can organize themselves. This will also allow you to prepare for your babysitting mission with, why not, small activities or outings with the little one(s).

Offering a little free time to young parents is priceless, but what a pleasure it is!

Elbow grease

To continue in the Good Samaritan style, you can also offer your house fairy services. Also in the form of vouchers or a “one shot” offer for the less adventurous, offer a little dusting or a big spring cleaning.

In addition to relieving the young parents, you can also take the opportunity to spend time with them while the baby sleeps.

And then no need to go to the gym this week :)

Top 10 things I wish I knew

If you are a parent yourself, you have surely noticed that after the birth of your baby, there are 2-3 things that people forgot to tell you... So why not share your discoveries? The idea is to make a little notebook with some advice or tips to simplify parents' lives. For example, the essentials not to forget when going out with your little one or grandmother's recipe for recovering from postpartum and its inconveniences.

You can also group up with other parents to share more and more experiences, surely all as different as they are interesting for young parents.

On the other hand, be careful, BE CAREFUL, not to fall into excess in mother-in-law mode who is a little too present. We remain in the benevolent council.

To be present

Don't think you'll be a nuisance by getting news. Young parents often notice a distance from their friends after the birth. So whether it's for fear of disturbing, fear of children or smells, get over all that and remember to check in regularly. This can range from a simple message to a surprise visit accompanied by a “How can I help you?” »

To summarize, being present and available is the greatest gift you can give. Tell yourself that all this will have taken up a little of your personal time but that they will be forever grateful to you.

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