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📦Livraison gratuite à partir de 75€ 🦃
📦Livraison gratuite à partir de 75€ 🦃
Comment choisir une poussette à faible impact environnemental ? - BIICOU

How to choose a stroller with low environmental impact?

Second-hand, second-hand, eco-designed, eco-responsible, reconditioned or even recycled materials strollers... the concepts are numerous! It is then sometimes difficult to navigate and be sure to make the “right choice”, that is to say the one that will be best suited to your needs and most aligned with your values.
We therefore decided to help you make this “good choice” by explaining to you the differences between all these eco-friendly stroller offers.

Let's first start by defining these terms:

  • Second hand: this means that the stroller has already been owned by someone and will therefore live a second life alongside you. This term includes used strollers and reconditioned strollers.
  • Used: this means that the stroller (second hand) has not undergone any transformation (no repairs or checks).
  • Reconditioning: this means that the (second hand) stroller has undergone a more or less slight transformation, that is to say that it has been checked, tested, cleaned, disinfected and finally repaired if necessary.
  • Eco-design: this consists of integrating environmental protection from the design phase of a stroller in order to reduce its environmental impact throughout its life cycle (extraction of raw materials, production, distribution, use and end of life).
  • Eco-responsibility: a stroller is eco-responsible when its ecological footprint (pressure that man exerts on nature) and its harmful effects on the environment have been reduced. The place of manufacture or membership of a label allows us to know whether a product is eco-responsible or not. So eco-designed strollers are eco-responsible.

Market players

Many companies and marketplaces have launched into the eco-friendly stroller market in order to change consumer habits and/or reduce the carbon footprint of families at the most consumerist time of their lives. In fact, according to researchers, having one less child is equivalent to 58 tonnes of CO2/year avoided!

  • Marketplaces

On the marketplace side, we can cite the giants Vinted, Leboncoin, Facebook or even Beebs which specializes in baby and children's products. On these platforms, the strollers are all second-hand. You will therefore need to be patient to find the stroller you are looking for or follow our advice when buying a second-hand stroller. Once purchased, if you collect it “in person” in your city or neighborhood, this will help make your approach even more impactful.

  • Sales deposits

    If you prefer to buy a second-hand stroller at a physical point of sale, there are many consignment stores specializing in children's products. With a little luck, and without too many requirements, you will then be able to find what you are looking for there.

    • Impact companies

    As for eco-friendly stroller companies, we invite you to discover the eco-responsible strollers from Greentom, Babyride and the reconditioned ones from Tikoantik and Biicou!
    The Greentom stroller is made from local, natural and recycled materials; the fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and the stroller's small mattress is made from organic cotton.
    Babyride also offers eco-designed strollers, in the sense that they are made in France (in the Basque Country to be precise) from natural, local and recycled materials. In addition, the materials that make up this stroller are 98% recyclable.
    The plus of these strollers? They are taken over by Babyride which recycles each of the materials, and which gradually develops its catalog of reconditioned strollers to offer them to new families.
    Tikoantik and Biicou have taken the challenge of removing the obstacles to second-hand purchasing by giving a second life to strollers, after they have been checked, tested, cleaned and disinfected.

    The advantage compared to second-hand strollers?

    • Ease of purchase: as simple as a new product
    • the assurance of having a quality, clean and functional product
    • a commercial guarantee
    • personalized advice and plastic-free packaging.

    You now hold all the keys to choosing your eco-friendly stroller 😊
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