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Différencier les modèles de Bugaboo Bee - BIICOU

Differentiate Bugaboo Bee models

7 differences game: Bee, Bee Plus, Bee 3, Bee 5, Bee 6

Do you know how to differentiate a Bee stroller from a Bee Plus? Or a Bee 3 and a Bee 6? Don't worry we are here to help you. We are going to share with you the experience we have acquired with all the Bee strollers that we have reconditioned in our workshop.

The creation of the Bee model by Bugaboo dates back to 2007. Imagine that the first child to have sat on a Bee stroller is now passing their secondary school certificate (that doesn't make us any younger).

Since this date there have been no less than 5 different models: the Bee, Bee Plus, Bee 3, Bee 5 and finally Bee 6, the very latest.

In this article we will simply give you some tips on how to recognize which model you are dealing with :)

As for the differences in use, the bee was built from the start to be highly maneuverable and extremely comfortable for a city car. From the base of the Bee, if you only want to put the bare minimum out of your pocket you will be on an already very high-end model.

The developments up to version 6 are mainly aesthetic, comfort and practical.

Look : the initial bee is closer to a mini tank while the bee 6 has a more airy and polished aesthetic. It is really very successful (afterwards... do we need to have a "nice stroller"? The debate is open)

Comfort : constant improvement of the suspensions and the quality of the seat textile

Practicality : The folding has improved from version to version, the quality of the handlebar adjustment and the canopy adjustment too!

If you are in the presence of the model and you are lucky enough to still have the model identification label, return the stroller and you will have: the model, the month and year of manufacture, as well as the unique reference of the product

And otherwise, how can we recognize ourselves in this large family? We'll go there chronologically.

Different Bugaboo Bee models

Bee and Bee Plus

The Bee is therefore the first in a long line, the eldest of the family. Since its arrival in 2007, it has impressed with its handling and the range of customization that exists. Are you hesitating between red and yellow? Why choose ? Take both. Well it has a nice side but one is enough and the planet thanks you :) .

Its success pushed Bugaboo to extend the series which still exists today. But for the future, the product needs to be remodeled a little. And when the Bee Plus comes out you can very clearly see a difference.

The canopy

Now it's quite visible. You will therefore recognize your Bee by the shape of its unique canopy.

See for yourself:

On the left the characteristic canopy of the Bee; on the right the canopy of the Bee Plus. It is also easier to unfold.

The wheels

This is a little more subtle but still affordable. You can look at the wheels of your stroller.

The Bee stroller has the particularity of having solid wheels. Moving to the Bee Plus Bugaboo chose a different aesthetic with open wheels with spokes like on bicycle wheels.

See for yourself:

Bugaboo Bee and Bee+


On the left the solid wheels of the Bee; on the right the wheels of the Bee Plus.

Less plastic, less messy and more aesthetic for our taste


Bee and Bee+ comparison

Bee Plus and Bee 3

We're going to make things a little more complicated now that you're started. At first glance, no noticeable difference as before. But your trained eye will see the details.

The harness

The Bee Plus stroller harness is a 3-point harness. That is to say, the strap starts from the shoulders and goes to the crotch. The child can unfortunately slide onto the side of the stroller after a poorly controlled slip.

For the Bee 3, and because we can't stop progress, the manufacturers have developed the 5-point harness. This harness offers increased safety because in addition to the straps that start from the shoulders, two other straps start from the hips and everything meets at the crotch level. So you can drift with complete peace of mind, your child is safe.

See for yourself :

(Photo to come)

The seat

In addition to that you can look at the back of your stroller. On the Bee Plus you will see white buttons to unfasten your harness.

On the Bee 3, for greater aesthetics, these buttons are no longer visible.

See for yourself :

Bugaboo Bee + seatBugaboo Bee 3 seat

At the top of the rear of the seat of a Bee Plus; Below the rear of the seat of a Bee 3.


The canopy

Another small development for the canopy. This time if we enlarge it.

If you look at your canopy at the seat and you see a zipper then not only can you enlarge your canopy by opening it but you can be sure that it is not a Bee Plus which, therefore, is more limited.


The Bee Plus basket can carry up to 16 liters of contents. That wasn't enough for Bugaboo. So that you have less shopping to carry, Bugaboo adds 6 liters to its basket. This makes it one of the largest on the market with great depth and easy access.

See for yourself:

Bee + and Bee 3

On the left a basket of Bee Plus and on the right a basket of Bee 3

Little more

Come on, let's give you the little extras that you don't see but which are always a pleasure.

With the Bee 3 there is always more customization possible and above all you can add a carrycot which is offered as an option.


Comparison Bee + and Bee 3

Bee 3 and Bee 5

The differences are starting to be very subtle. The canopy and basket do not change. But we still have several differences that will allow you to distinguish them.


The handlebars of the Bee 3, as with the previous ones, are made of foam. It's quite practical because you don't have to be in direct contact with the aluminum of the frame which, in addition to being slippery for the hands, is super cold in winter.

On the Bee 5 Bugaboo always wants more quality and puts an imitation leather handlebar. So it remains very safe, your hands are always warm but also aesthetics are highlighted.

See for yourself:

Bugaboo Bee 3 handlebarBugaboo Bee 5 handlebar

At the top, a Bee 3 stroller handlebar; At the bottom, a Bee 5 stroller handlebar in imitation leather.

The harness

As we said previously, with the Bee 3 we are introducing a new generation of harnesses with the 5-point harness. The Bee 5 keeps this progress from its sister and improves it with a sliding 5-point harness. So you can adapt the harness to your child's size for even more safety when drifting.

So if your harness slides up and down then you don't have a Bee 3.

The chassis

Hook for hanging accessories


Here again Bugaboo improves its basket compared to the previous one. They are not changing the maximum capacity (which is already very large) but they have added a storage pocket. Now you can even transport your paper documents without mixing them with your tomatoes which, crushed by this bag of potatoes, spill their juice into this poor basket.

The seat

In this drive towards quality, Bugaboo wanted to change its base. Now the seat is much more comfortable.

To differentiate them it's very simple. You have to know how to count to 5. On a Bee 3 you only have 3 strips on the seat. And be careful because on the Bee 5 there are 5 bands. Coincidence? I do not believe.

See for yourself:

Bugaboo Bee 3 seatBugaboo Bee 5 seat

At the top a seat of Bee 3; at the bottom a seat of Bee 5

Little more

On the Bee 5 you can change the color of the wheel covers for even more personalization.


Comparison Bee 3 and Bee 5

Bee 5 and Bee 6

And now we're going to differentiate the last two. With its longevity, the Bee is starting to find its final form. It is now in the small details that we must look.

The wheels

The wheels of the Bee 5, like the previous ones, have a size of 15 cm. For the Bee 6 the wheels are larger with a diameter of 18 cm.

The canopy

Today, most strollers are oriented with the child facing the road. The problem is that you can't see your child. With this new canopy, the Bee 6 further addresses this problem. A plastic visor is installed in the canopy which allows you to have a permanent visual on your child to be able to observe him when he sleeps.

See for yourself:

Bee Canopy

The Bee 6 canopy

Little more

Support foot


Comparison Bee 5 and Bee 6

And There you go ! You are now professionals in differentiating Bee strollers (we hope you are proud of it because there are not very many of us 😁 ). So which one do you have?

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