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📦Livraison gratuite à partir de 75€ 🦃
Quelles sont les différences entre reconditionné et occasion ? - BIICOU

What are the differences between reconditioned and used?

Very often confused and assimilated, these two terms are nevertheless very different. Whatever small explanations are necessary and after reading this article, you will be experts in both fields and you will know how to identify them without any difficulty.


Yes, it is true that this title is very academic, you probably have the impression of finding yourself back at school, but it is necessary to begin to distinguish them.


  • Larousse definition: Object, furniture, vehicle, etc., which is not new and which is purchased second or third hand.
  • Biicou Definition: All objects that you find for sale, most of which have already been used and which are resold as such.


  • Internet User Definition: Restore the good condition of a product, restore it to good condition.
  • Biicou Definition: Refurbished involves a professional 🕵🏻‍♂️ to properly remarket a product that has already been used.

Let us now go into more detail about each of these terms.

The opportunity

You are probably already a fan of second-hand items, second-hand items are a huge market, which is today, in France, dominated by LeBonCoin.

There are many advantages to buying second-hand products:

  • The price . Often much more interesting than new, it is one of the essential points which motivate consumers to buy.
  • Accessible to everyone . Anyone, anywhere (except of course in the depths of France in Saint-Perdu-Les-Fossettes, where you risk having fewer sellers) can buy second-hand products.
  • Fast . Because you just need to make an appointment with the seller to collect your product.

Like anything that has advantages, there are obviously disadvantages, here they are:

  • No guarantee . You will not be able to return the product to the seller or request a refund if it is damaged after several uses.
  • Risk of malfunction . And yes, you have no guarantee that the product you are going to buy is exactly as advertised, which is why you need to find out carefully from the seller before closing the deal.
  • Tedious process . This point only keeps sellers. Placing an ad to sell one of your products and being sure to sell it quickly requires a certain amount of preparation (photo, description, price)
  • Dishonest person . Whether you are a seller or a buyer, unfortunately, not everyone is like you and many people take advantage of the simplicity of the second-hand market to scam you or waste your time.

Of course, not all deals go badly, most buyers are often very satisfied. For all larger and more expensive products, it is up to you to be careful and find out beforehand.

The reconditioned

Less known, more complicated to find, it is nevertheless an alternative that is quickly arriving and is slowly hot on the heels of the second-hand market.

In turn, here are the advantages of reconditioned:

  • Expertise . And yes, reconditioned means products repaired, tested, and cleaned before being put back on the market. You can be sure that the product is in perfect working order.
  • Guaranteed . The vast majority of brands that provide reconditioning sell you products with a guarantee.
  • The price . Even if it is generally a little more expensive than second-hand, it is still very interesting and less expensive than new.
  • Secure purchase . You are speaking directly to professionals, so you have no risk of paying and receiving nothing in exchange.
  • Very simple . Or even simpler than second-hand. Order and have it delivered directly to your home, what more could you ask for? No need to go to the village square and chat with Jean Bon Marché to buy your product.

I agree with you, the list of advantages is substantial, but unfortunately, the world is not perfect and here are the disadvantages of buying refurbished:

  • The price . Of course, it is also an advantage but if we compare it to second-hand it is more expensive, because it takes into account the reconditioning of the product.
  • Small flaws. A reconditioned product is a product that is almost perfect but which, in certain cases, has small defects compared to the new one. Rest assured, nothing harms its proper functioning, when I talk about defects, it is slight scratches or possible discoloration. Nothing to panic about.

Some examples 

Penultimate part, and as we don't want you to waste time searching for the best sites and the best brands that sell second-hand and reconditioned goods, here are some of them.


  • The good corner . A real Ali Baba's cave, you can find absolutely everything (even apartments)
  • Vinted . More geared towards clothes, you can still find what you want.
  • eBay . The private-to-private auction platform.
  • Rakuten. Formerly independent and operating under the name Priceminister, it was bought by the Japanese giant. You will find used and new products there.
  • Facebook marketplace . And yes, if you didn't know, Facebook also has its own peer-to-peer sales marketplace.

There are many others, we list the biggest and best known here. You can also find them specialized in certain areas, such as cars, household appliances, etc.


  • Backmarket . One of the best known in France, specializing in electronics and particularly smartphones.
  • Murfy . Home appliance experts, one of the rare companies that brings your old appliance products back to life
  • Biicou . Hello, it’s us! The leading player in reconditioned childcare.
  • Adov clearance . For purchasing your furniture.

The same goes for reconditioned, there are plenty of other brands that practice it.

And now, to conclude in the best possible way, we will present to you Biicou's reconditioning expertise. On your strollers, set, roll!


Biicou expertise in childcare reconditioning

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