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Que mettre dans sa valise de maternité ? - BIICOU

What to put in your maternity suitcase?

Childbirth is one of the most important moments of life. This is why the 3 or 4 days that you will spend in the hospital or clinic must be experienced in the best possible conditions. So, in order to avoid anything forgotten, you can follow our advice on the essentials to take with you.
Also find our checklist to download at the end of reading to prepare your suitcase step by step.

Preparing your maternity suitcase: for mom

If you are the mother-to-be, you are one of the main affected by this event, so you know that major attention must be paid to your future needs and desires.

  • Important documents : Vitale card, pregnancy care and monitoring file, family booklet, identity card, ultrasound… All these papers are necessary for your hospitalization, so you can sleep and already put them in your bag.
  • Hygiene products : depending on the hospital you are going to, soap, shampoo and other hygiene products may or may not be provided. But in all cases, bring your own products to feel at home and comforted
  • Comfortable outfits : You will certainly meet a lot of strangers during your stay in the hospital and you will probably want to bring your best t-shirt. But one of the tips we can give you is to choose clothes in which you feel comfortable, practical, but also in which you are not ashamed to show yourself. You can take pareos or even wide pants. At the top level, you can opt for a tank top or a wide sweater, which allows you to breastfeed easily. As for nursing clothes, the Made in France brands CACHE CŒUR and Tziganette make them very comfortable and modern. Remember that you will definitely get stained, so take clothes with you that you are not afraid of getting dirty
  • Underwear : For the bottom, disposable panties, your old panties that you don't plan to wear again, adult diapers or even ecological sanitary napkins. You are spoiled for choice! For sanitary napkins, take them without micro-aerated veils, as they can make you sweat more, and even cause friction and therefore cause scars. For the top, if you plan to breastfeed, and if you have already purchased nursing bras you can totally take them with you. But these supports are not at all essential, you can in fact simply wear bras or nothing at all according to your desires. Knowing that milk surges occur in the few days following delivery, you will need to contain them in particular if you do not wish to breastfeed.
  • A towel : What could be more soothing than smelling your own laundry, and the softness of your towels
  • Snacks : Make yourself a small pouch with your favorite foods that don't need to be refrigerated (chocolate, nuts, cereal bars, etc.)
  • Cushion : There is often a cousin at the hospital, but he is not often very comfortable. So don't hesitate to bring a cousin from home, it will be invaluable for sleeping, but also and above all for cuddling with your baby in order to breastfeed him.
  • Phone, charger, books : To pass the time and create beautiful photo memories
  • A wolf : When you need to take sums, this little mask will help you greatly
  • Dim bedside lamp : The light in hospitals is not the most gentle, so when you wake up at night you will be happy to have a soothing neon light

Prepare your maternity suitcase: for baby

Your newborn also needs little things to be welcomed into this new world.

  • A hat : No longer hidden in his mother's womb, where the temperature is much warmer than outside, your baby now needs to keep warm. And since heat loss occurs through his head, it is crucial to put a hat on him in order to regulate and maintain his temperature.

  • A bodysuit with front snaps in birth or 1 month size: The front snaps will allow you to change your baby much more easily and avoid contorting him too much. You will find what you are looking for at Smala, a brand of reconditioned clothing for infants and children. Do not hesitate to take bodysuits in size 1 month, because ultimately, you will not really know if the bodysuit fits him once he has put it on, so to avoid surprises take 2 sizes.

  • Socks : For the same reason as the need for a hat, your baby will need to keep warm. So it is important that his extremities are warmed

  • Pajamas with back snaps: During the night, it may be interesting to put your baby in pajamas with back snaps. Having snaps at the back and not the front is better for warming the neck, as the pajamas will rise well to the top

  • A fitted sleeping bag : The sleeping bag will be interesting, because it will keep him warm. We recommend taking the 0-3 month size (or maximum 6 months) so that their upper airways are not blocked by excess tissue.

  • Several diapers : The diaper is multifunctional, it will allow you to wipe up regurgitation and will also serve as a blanket. In order for it to be perfectly swaddled, the maxi swaddle must be 1 meter

  • Skin to skin : Skin to skin is not something to take in your suitcase, but it is a good way for you to think about holding your baby in your arms, in order to warm him. Clothes are very useful, but most of all he will need his parents' arms and their torsos.

Accompanying him

We often forget it, but it is also important. He provides moral support for the new mother-to-be, but it is also a special moment for him.

  • A change of clothes : If he stays in the hospital with you, for a day or two he will probably need to change in order to feel fresh and also in better shape. And if he doesn't stay the night, vomit happens so quickly that a spare t-shirt may come in handy.
  • Snacks : He will have to be very patient, and there are many hours ahead of him. So a few snacks could be beneficial for him

Upon leaving the hospital

Packing your suitcase is good, but you must not forget the moment when you will have to leave the hospital and return (finally) to your cozy nest.
If you are returning by car, we suggest you install your car seat beforehand. This step doesn't take much time, but when we're in a hurry, we can quickly lose our patience. Doing it with a rested head can only be beneficial to you.
If the hospital is not very far or if you take public transport , you can put your little one directly in a carrycot , or in a baby carrier such as a baby sling , to hold him directly against you.

And if you don't know which baby carrier to choose, Biicou suggests you read its article on The 5 different types of carrying

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