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Comment choisir un prénom ? - BIICOU

How to choose a first name?

The choice of first name

So, let us be clear, you will have a whole lot of choices to make before, during and after the birth of your mini. However, that of the first name will certainly be one of the most discussed or even the most disputed.

Afterwards we would not want to make generalizations either, there are people for whom this choice is made with complete peace of mind and quite easily.

For everyone else, we offer you a short overview of things to avoid during this process, or the main existing selection criteria.

To help you a little more, we have imagined, as a world premiere, just for your beautiful eyes and for household peace, a little step by step sheet to download to choose the first name together in joy and good humor !

(We believe in!)

Well before getting started, it's good to know the 2-3 things to avoid when looking for a first name. This can save you time and avoid some unnecessary skirmishes.

1. Talking too much about it before the birth

Ouloulou, it burns your lips! Revealing to the whole world the first name you have chosen, which by the way, is the most beautiful name in the world.

It's understandable, giving a first name not only allows you to personify this little being who is growing (and boxing) inside you but also to test it and see the reactions around you.

The problem is that between different generations, different cultures, and quite simply everyone's own tastes, you risk being very disappointed in the face of certain reactions.

While you will get a big silence for saying a lot from some, others will not hesitate to give you their clear opinion on the matter.

Ok but OH, who are the parents? Who's the boss? Who is going to repeat 3,589 times a day “Come here Jean-Louis!” “Stop bothering your little brother Jennyfer!” ?

We're giving it to you, it's you! So if your choice is made, avoid sharing it, except with people whose kindness you are sure. We're talking about experience here 🙂

If you are not sure of your choice and you would like to have the opinion of those close to you, then go for it, but remember that you will certainly hear all the points. Which won't necessarily help you see things more clearly.

2. Choose the name of an ex

Another thing to avoid, but really like: choosing the first name of an ex, or someone your partner can't see.

Well it seems obvious but, you never know, a little booster shot never hurts.

Perhaps you love this person with infinite tenderness, but no matter how hard you try to argue, it won't work, as Gandalf would say.

A lot of projection takes place when looking for first names. You may know that your child is unique, but your partner will have a hard time not imagining him with the face that this or that first name reminds him of.

3. Invent a first name (ok but be careful of what it can mean, especially in other languages)

Well, we're not going to forbid you from inventing a first name, no, but who would we think we are? And anyway, even if we wanted to we couldn't Liberty, Equality, Fraternity! Long live France!

However, allow us to express our reservations about this possibility.

On paper, it's not such a bad idea. Between mixing several first names, inventing a first name that you think would sound good, why not! In a world where everything is standardized, this allows you to stand out a little and express yourself freely.

However, there will still be some parameters to take into account.

If this new first name sounds like a gem to you, it may, for example, have a completely different meaning in another language. For example, we heard that when the Fiat Punto was launched in certain Latin American countries, a certain part of the population was not really ready to get it. And for good reason “Punto” means “small masculine attribute” (to be polite) according to a certain jargon.

Moral of the story, avoid calling your child Punto if you are planning a move to Latin America.

It's also a good idea to test this first name alongside your last name, just to avoid any bad puns. Finally, this advice also applies to the most classic of first names.

Finally, although since 1993, the registrar cannot refuse a first name when declaring a birth, he can however give his opinion to the parents regarding certain reluctance, block the file and send it to the courts. .

Which happens, it must be said, very rarely.

Next, let's move on to the selection criteria. There are a lot of them, but try to stick to those that are most important to you so as not to get too overwhelmed.

4. First names for girls, boys, mixed, non-gendered...

Several options are available to you.

You will know quite quickly, often even before getting pregnant, what kind of name attracts you.

Discuss it as soon as possible with your partner to find out if you are in sync. Once you agree on the “type” of first name that you like, you can then start digging on the internet, in your genealogy or even your imagination. There are numerous online lists or books detailing more or less the origin and etymology of first names.

5. Etymology

Let's talk about the etymology.

Once again, this criterion can be very important in the eyes of some but insignificant for others. It nevertheless represents a criterion that can help certain people make their choice.

Well afterwards, to say that a child's personality will evolve according to its etymology, it's not sure.

For example, Milo: this first name comes from the Germanic word which means “worker”. Not sure that at 15, in the middle of adolescence, all the Milos are up at 8 a.m. to work on their philosophy dissertation...

6. long, short

Very short, compound, extended first name. This is another subject for discussion. Does calling your child by a nickname suit you or does it put you off?

For this criterion, we don't really have any advice to give you, it's too personal.

So we'll let you discuss it and come to an agreement!

7. timeless or “fashionable”

Again, this is a rather personal criterion.

The good thing these days is that both are popular. You just have to look at the top lists of first names to realize this. From Rose to Liam, the choice is endless!

The only “risk” of a “fashionable” first name, if we really wanted to look for the little beast, is that, because it is new, many parents choose it at the same time. Your little one will therefore perhaps find himself with many homonyms during his schooling. It goes trauma level there are worse things in life!

To conclude all this, here is the link that will allow you to download our document designed to help you find THE first name.

To use it wisely, here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Print this sheet in 2 copies, one for each parent.
  2. Complete the top 10 and top 3 each on your own.
  3. Share your top 3 on the last part to cut out. When giving this part to your partner, tell them your arguments “what does that remind me of” “etymology” or anything else that comes to mind.
  4. Each partner circles opposite each first name:
  • The heart if he likes this name
  • The directional sign if this first name requires reflection
  • The little guy on the verge of collapse if it's a categorical no

We wish you courage but also lots of fun! And remember, it's just a first name! (but it follows you all your life anyway…)

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