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📦Livraison gratuite à partir de 75€ 🦃
Tuto brico-déco-jardi pour pâques: la tribu des CHEVOEUFS - BIICOU

DIY-deco-garden tutorial for Easter: the CHEVOEUFS tribe

That's it, here we are, that time of year during which we can stuff ourselves with chocolates for a whole weekend without worrying about anyone's judgment!
In addition, we will not be embarrassed, given the current situation we will even have the right to double the dose! A little comfort doesn't hurt...
And if you're tired of stuffing yourself, we offer you this little DIY workshop to keep your little ones and older kids busy, just to take a break.
You will see it's quite simple and in terms of hardware we go into recovery mode.
No need for a jigsaw or open-end wrench.
This activity should take you at most 1 hour, easyyyy. This will depend on the number of eggs you make and the age of the kids.
The goal is to create a tribe of little shaggy creatures using a few eggshells, a little creativity, a few seeds and a lot of fun!
When it comes to customizing eggs, you will find in this tutorial two different techniques to vary the pleasures: good old painting and a marbling technique made using old nail polish.
Let's start with the equipment, you will need:
  • Eggs
  • Paint
  • A brush
  • Stickers for the eyes (if you don't have any you can draw them with a felt-tip pen)
  • Seeds (we opted for chives but you can also try with basil, catnip or other, depending on the result you want)
  • A little earth
  • Old nail polish
  • A little nail polish remover
  • A large bowl (the varnish is quite tough when washed, so choose a container that you are not too attached to ;)
  • In a good mood
Here we go!
  1. Personalizing eggs with paint
  • For decorating eggs with paint, two options are available to you. Either you want a hard-boiled egg and cook the eggs before painting them and cutting out the hat (Option to adopt with a small child with less risk of breakage). In this case, we choose a non-toxic paint, because even if the paint is only applied to the shell, it is better to be careful.
  • Second option: if you rather want a cake or an omelette, empty your eggs before personalizing them and keep the two parts, (the top of the egg can serve as a hat for your creatures) while trying to break it so that you end up with a portion large enough to fill with soil.
  • Whatever method you choose, collect your shells and let your imagination run wild.
The recycled paint palette
And then you can have the first paint palette made for your minis! The story goes that Picasso started with a box of free-range organic eggs!
Our painted eggs
For us, with the painting it gave us these 2 pretty colored egg skulls!
  1. Marbling technique
  • For the marbled effect, we advise you to empty your egg beforehand, once again this will be more careful in terms of toxicity. Also equip yourself with kitchen gloves to avoid direct contact of the product on the skin. Here you will find a technique for emptying an egg without breaking it.
  • Prepare a large bowl of room temperature water. Add a few drops of nail polish remover and the nail polish using small circular movements to form the marbling (mix as many colors as you want depending on the desired effect). So that the varnish does not fall to the bottom of the bowl, go slowly.

Mixing with the solvent
  • Take your empty shell and dip it into the bowl. Give him a little tour of the pool so that the varnish is applied evenly.

Soaked egg
egg that bathes quietly
There you go, decor level, you're done! You just have to wait until everything is completely dry to proceed to the next step…
  1. Mr Dusse planted seeds!
  • To do this, we remove the “cap” from the shells and fill them with earth up to about 1cm from the edge.
The plant mister dusse!!
We install our small seeds (we opted for seed discs but “free” seeds will do just as well)
    Seed me
    You're almost there. All you have to do is cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil and add a little water. When it comes to how often you water and how much exposure your critters will need, refer to the instructions on the back of your seed packet.
    Now all you have to do is admire your magnificent creations and show a little patience to see them transform into a funny tribe of goats!
    The tribe is here
    Have fun and don't hesitate to share your creations with us on Instagram by tagging us @Biicou!
    Happy Easter !
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