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📦Livraison gratuite à partir de 75€ 🦃
Les différents modèles de la poussette Yoyo - BIICOU

The different models of the Yoyo stroller

7 differences game: Yoyo, Yoyo+ and Yoyo²

Some strollers are so popular that brands make a range of them, creating models that are slightly modified from previous versions. Same silhouettes, same weights, and often, few visible differences; how to tell the difference between two models?

As many of you have asked us, and as Biicou has clearly become an expert in childcare with large numbers of reconditionings, here is a short guide - or a game of 7 differences 😉 - for Yoyo strollers from the Babyzen brand!

The three versions of Yoyo

Yoyo and Yoyo+

The Yoyo is the first version of the Babyzen Yoyo range. Light, compact, suitable for taking into an airplane cabin, easily foldable with one hand and transportable thanks to a shoulder strap, this stroller was all the rage when it was released.

It was so popular that Babyzen decided to make an upgraded model, the Yoyo+ . Retaining the qualities of its predecessor, and erasing its faults, the Yoyo+ makes some modifications, difficult to see if you do not know them. Here they are !


The Yoyo basket is a small basket, capable of supporting the weight of 2 kilos of objects. It is relatively flat and shallow.

To facilitate the transport of larger and bulky objects, Babyzen has considerably increased the volume of the basket in the Yoyo+, which now reaches 5 kilos of storage! Melon, cauliflower, watermelon: everything fits in the Yoyo+ basket 🍉🍈

See for yourself:

Difference between Yoyo baskets

On the left, the small 2 kilo basket of the Yoyo; on the right, the 5 kilo basket of the Yoyo+.

The notch for cozy

The advantage of the Yoyo range is that it is scalable: you can use the stroller from 0 to 6 months with a birth pack, or you can use it beyond 6 months, with the 6+ pack. You can even attach a cozy there. In all cases, we use the same chassis and the same harness: it is only the seat that changes.

To make it easier to attach the cozy to the chassis, the Yoyo+ has been equipped with notches above the “Yoyo” logo on the sides of the chassis.

So to tell the difference between a Yoyo and the other models (Yoyo+ and Yoyo², because the Yoyo² also has these notches), just look if there is a hole above the Yoyo logo on the sides of the chassis or not 🕳️

See for yourself:

Notch for the birth pack

At the very beginning, our famous Yoyo was only designed to accommodate children over 6 months old (i.e. 6+). A year later, a second version of our Yoyo (this second version is also called Yoyo, it's not yet the Yoyo+!!), this time compatible with newborns. To see if your Yoyo is compatible with the birth pack, look at the chassis at the seat level: if you see a notch on each side, into which it is possible to slide a hoop, then it is a Yoyo compatible with the birth pack . Here's what you should see:

Adapter Pack 0

Some other visible differences

Well normally you should be able to tell the difference between a Yoyo and a Yoyo+ with the two elements above, which are quite easy to spot 😎 Besides, it is also possible to distinguish the Yoyo from the Yoyo² with these distinctions, because they are the same (5 kilo basket and notches above the “Yoyo” logo).

But if you want to know everything, it is also possible to distinguish Yoyos from Yoyo+ using the footrest for your baby or the buttons on the canopy.

The footrest of the Yoyo is smooth, while the footrest of the Yoyo+ is ridged, with a defined line as in this image. Quite simple !

Yoyo footrest

More difficult, the buttons of the canopy: if they are red, it is necessarily a Yoyo; but if they are white, it will be impossible to separate the two models, because some Yoyos have been designed with white buttons, while all Yoyo+ have white buttons.





2 kilo capacity (shallow)

5 kilo capacity


No notches above the “Yoyo” logo on the chassis

Birth pack notches visible on the chassis above the “Yoyo” logo


Smooth footrest

Ridged footrest

Canopy Buttons

Red or white buttons depending on the version: if they are red, it's definitely a Yoyo!

White buttons, always

Well, we grant you, it’s not easy to distinguish all these models! But with a little help, it immediately becomes easier 😉

Yoyo+ and Yoyo²

As between the Yoyo and the Yoyo+, the differences between the Yoyo+ and the Yoyo² are barely visible. But there is one that makes everything easier.

The dragoness

Tada! Our great savior! 🐉 The Yoyo² has been equipped with a wrist strap at the handlebar, which can be put around the wrist to prevent the stroller from rolling down the slope if you forget to put the brakes on at the top of a hill ⛰️ This The wrist strap is very visible because it hangs on the handlebars, whereas neither the Yoyo nor the Yoyo+ have one.

It looks like this:

Left: handlebars without strap of the Yoyo or the Yoyo+

Right: handlebars with Yoyo² strap

The harness

If you don't see a strap, perhaps because it has been torn off, you can check the model with a second test: the harness.

The Yoyo+, like its predecessor, can only be adjusted to hip height (the shoulder straps are not adjustable), and above all, its central safety button is red.

The Yoyo² transforms the harness to make it adjustable at the hips AND shoulders, and modifies the central button to make it black with the white Babyzen man logo. What a revolution! 😜 (Nah, no kidding, it's pretty cool to be able to adjust the shoulder harness).

On the left, the Yoyo+ harness with red central button; on the right, the Yoyo² harness with the white Babyzen logo in the shape of a man.

The material of the handlebars

And if you want to be sure that it is truly the latest generation, the Yoyo² stands out from the two previous generations thanks to its revisited handlebars, made of imitation leather, unlike the foam handlebars of the Yoyo and Yoyo+ .

On the left, the handlebars of the Yoyo+, made of foam; on the right, the handlebars of the Yoyo², in imitation leather and with strap





No wrist strap

Strap on the handlebar


Red central button; harness adjustments only possible at the hips

Black central button with the Babyzen logo; harness adjustments possible at hips and shoulders

Handlebar material

Foam handlebar

Faux leather handlebars

Pendant lights

Visible spring suspensions

Non-visible suspensions, surrounded by a white protector

There you go, thanks to this guide, Yoyos no longer have any mystery for you! All that remains is to practice differentiating them. It shouldn't be difficult, given the number of Yoyos we've seen in town for several years 😍

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