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📦Livraison gratuite à partir de 75€ 🦃
📦Livraison gratuite à partir de 75€ 🦃
Comment revendre sa poussette ? - BIICOU

How to resell your stroller?

How quickly the years pass! Until recently, your baby was only 50 cm tall and could not yet walk. Today, he runs everywhere and is unstoppable. So now that he's walking like a grown-up, it's time to resell or give your stroller to an association or a loved one.
If a little brother or sister is on the way, you can replace damaged rear or front wheels so your stroller can go for a spin again.

Important steps before resale

  • Check the condition of the stroller and ask yourself questions

Start by testing it: Does it drive well? Is the seat still secure? Does the basket still fit? Does the brake work? Are the handlebars still retractable? Is the canopy unfolding well? Does the stroller still fold? Do I still have the accessories that go with it?...
Put yourself in the buyer's place and look for the little beast that could slow him down. You must be as objective as possible in order to see the imperfections that the buyer could subsequently criticize you for not having specified.

  • Take good photos

Taking great photos is one of the key elements that will attract attention. Indeed, the person opposite will be able to judge your seriousness from this first step. Do not hesitate to clean your stroller if it is a little dirty, take photos of the stroller from several angles, and take photos of small details like the wheels, straps, handlebars, etc. Pay close attention to ensure your photos are as sharp as possible.

  • Prepare a constructed description

The description is the second most important point. It must be as clear as possible and specify the brand, model, color and overall condition. Secondly, you can highlight the different qualities which will convince the buyer that this is the stroller they are looking for. To help you, remember the qualities that convinced you at the time of purchase (its weight, its great maneuverability, its seat height, its resistance, etc.).

  • Set the right price

This is the last essential point if you go through peer-to-peer sales platforms which offer you the opportunity to set your price. Generally, the price is very dependent on the condition of your stroller. For example, for a stroller in perfect condition (almost new) the price to set is between 60 and 80% of the initial selling price, but for a stroller in good or satisfactory condition, you can ideally get 40% of the price. of initial sale.
Also look at what price the same model is offered on the platform on which you want to sell your stroller. This can give you a first idea of ​​what is happening on the market.

  • Shipping

Obviously, we invite you to hand-deliver your items, especially if they are bulky like strollers or car seats. In addition to allowing you to save on shipping (purchase of a large enough box and craft paper for padding), it is a more ecological choice because the package travels fewer kilometers.

The different ways to resell your stroller

  • Peer-to-peer sales platforms

One of the most used levers for reselling these objects or clothing, you surely at least know Vinted or Leboncoin.
On these sites you can find everything. Particularly on Leboncoin, the pioneer, you will find furniture, multimedia devices (televisions, speakers, headphones, etc.), bicycles and job offers! You can therefore easily offer your stroller for sale. And in order to do well, follow the steps mentioned above carefully. And don't hesitate to boost your offer if you're short on time, if you have to move soon, for example.
There are other platforms solely dedicated to the sale of baby items.
The best known in France are Beebs, LeCoinBébé and Nuuns. On these platforms, you are sure to only find individuals looking for items for infants and children, so you will surely be able to sell more easily than on more general platforms.

  • Companies specializing in reconditioning

In the field of childcare, only Biicou and SOS stroller offer this type of service. With us, before strollers, deckchairs, high chairs (and so on) are offered to individuals, they are reconditioned, which adds real added value. If you do not know the difference between reconditioned and opportunity, take a look at this article .
Nothing is simpler than going through us. And even when your stroller is broken, we take it back!
We have implemented a 4-step buyback system:

  1. You fill out the form on our site in the “We buy back” tab
  2. We make you a buyout offer using the photos and description you provided.
  3. You send us your item, or we will pick it up directly from your home if you live in Île-de-France
  4. We will send you a transfer within 7 days

So, no more excuses not to sell with Biicou.
For other questions about reselling with Biicou, go to our FAQ

  • Physical events

Nothing better to meet buyers than to participate in garage sales or flea markets. If you have a whole range of childcare equipment (stroller, deckchair, high chair, baby carrier, etc.) you can contact the flea market organizers to set up a small stand for a weekend. You can see all the garage sales for the next few weeks here .

Hoping that with all these tips you can generate interest among buyers and that your stroller will find a new family and a new baby to hold!

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